a’bout itself is a raw thought, rendered into a garment without an identity, leaving space for the wearer to express their own story, with absence as the only sign of recognition.

Dean Hutchinson and Yunchieh Chang founded a'bout in 2011 in Toronto, Canada. Chang and Hutchinson’s intention to create womenswear that returned to the art and heritage of clothesmaking led them to create a’bout, where design is its essence. Their atelier is used as a design studio, workshop, and laboratory. There is no need for badges of validation; a’bout pieces resonate with individuals who appreciate the quiet elegance in the creations that echos their own.

With Chang and Hutchinson’s devotion to aesthetics and functionality, their small team is in constant dialogues with the forms, silhouettes and raw materials that inspire them. This organic approach to design results in garments that pay homage to a time of unpretentious fashion, where clothes are thoughtfully designed and made to transcend time.

Each garment holds a’bout’s philosophical energy that communicates the appreciation for the intrinsic presence of the wearer and the evolution in the approach to women’s ready-to-wear.

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