Series No. 1


Intuition, a six Sumi ink painting series on calligraphy paper, Yunchieh delved into how we, living in modern society, are influenced and shaped by many forces around us consciously and unconsciously.  Letting the ink absorb and seep through the paper without purposeful painting but subtle movements only reveals a glimpse into our internal process.

The organic edges where the ink and paper meet tell the story of this natural phenomenon within each of us. The residue of the ink runs along the folds of the paper like our inner compass, ever so faintly showing us the way. This delicate guidance, often overshadowed by the noise of life, suggests we pause and pay closer attention...

The restrained interpretation of this complex subject matter throughout the series is an invitation to our introspection and contemplation.

Intuition | Series No. 1
Yunchieh Chang







Intuition | Series No. 1

Sumi ink on calligraphy paper

Framed in walnut

13 1/2” x 14 3/4”


Summer ‘24 Showing:

Los Angeles

June 4th - 6th

La Peer | 627 La Peer Dr
By appointment

San Francisco

June 12th - 15th

2570 Post Street
By appointment

Yunchieh Chang

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